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Dr. Schutz founded and currently works as a counseling psychologist at A New Beginning Counseling Center, 2500 Main Street, Suite 211, Tewksbury MA 01876. He began his career working with disadvantaged preschool children in the Watts area of Los Angeles. He taught psychology at Westmont College and later at Gordon College where he chaired the psychology department. He taught for many years as an adjunct professor at the University of Lowell. He did a postdoctoral internship working with children, adolescents, and adults within the mental health department of the Lynn Massachusetts Public Schools.

Counseling Services

Are you struggling with breaking negative habits and looking for extra support or guidance? Perhaps you are experiencing conflict in a relationship that is important to you? If any of these situations is you, or you have other forms of stress or unique challenges, you’ve come to the right place. I provide both individual and couple counseling, and have over 30 years of experience in helping my clients free themselves from depression, bipolar (manic-depression), anxiety, compulsions, and anger.



When I first saw Dr. Schutz for counseling, I was this insecure, anxious, and depressed person… I didn’t see any hope of change… I realize he’s helped me overcome anxiety and depression… Working through all of that was hard and it took time, but now there’s a weight lifted off of me. I’m more “myself” now. – a version of me I didn’t know could exist.

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My husband and I were at an impasse. Everything we talked about seemed to turn into an argument… We both learned to be better active listeners, and better at explaining what we were feeling to each other… Thank you Dr. Schutz for all your help. We have so much respect for you!

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Sam helped us identify several areas to work on with fundamental skills that he helped us develop. Now after a 45th year celebration, our family is stronger and closer together…. Sam has been a most valuable, patient counselor, asset, and trusted advisor. Through his caring, Christian approach, he has taken us from away from frustration and despair through hope to peace and joy.

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When I needed someone, he was there with arms open and giant smile. He made me feel so comfortable…. Without Dr. Schutz I would have been a broken man… He is a great counselor, great friend and great mentor. God bless him for all of his good work and all the people he has touched and saved.

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Not only does he bring years of experience, but he adds his warmth, caring, and genuine concern for our well-being. He’s also fun and funny (a definite plus), but don’t be fooled – he does not mince words and will tell it to you straight whenyou need it. I’m grateful for Sam, and I highly recommend him

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As evangelical Christians, it was important to us that our therapist… integrate faith into therapy. We are happy to have found that… he is a Christian therapist – bringing faith, scripture, and prayer into the practice. Since Sam has over 30+ years of experience in counseling, he’s “seen it all”. What a joy to be able to share burdens and obstacles…

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Transitioning from a high demand job into a time of great uncertainty, I needed wise counsel as I navigated the emotional, spiritual, and professional effectswork-related stress was placing upon me and my family… Now past that intense period of my life, I continue to check-in with Sam for continued life-coaching – even as I live to life-coach others.

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His quality and expertise were a God send. Our marriage is stronger than it has ever been… I do not go to Dr. Schutz on a regular basis any more however I do see him if I feel I am in a crisis situation… I have “Sam-isms” I use to remind myself of the godly way to look at and deal with the bumps in the road that come along.

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