You have not come to this website accidentally.  Perhaps the holiday time did not bring the hoped for joy and peace you so much desired, and especially the loving intimacy with spouse or significant other.  Perhaps Couples Counseling has been on your mind through the holidays, and you may now be focusing on questions such as, “What is going on in our lives?” and “Where can we get help?”    If Couples Counseling has been on your mind through the holidays, the thoughts of the upcoming Valentine’s Day is most likely causing some angst as well.  The tradition of expressing your love for one another, the stuff that holds your relationship together, is raising more questions.

Money, lack of intimacy in your relationship, poor communication, out of control emotions, and extended family relationships are very often the symptoms which point people, or often drive people to seek Marriage Counseling.  The resolution may be in the details, but What is the State of Our Union?  Is there hope, and can we find effective help and support through Couples Counseling?  At A New Beginning Counseling Center, we believe the answer is, absolutely, yes!

Please stay with me here as we take a quick look at what is going on in our country and in the news, briefly and very loosely reviewing the similarities.  I especially emphasize “loosely” because this is in no way meant to connect to a political debate, but a comparison of the question, What is the State of Our Union?

In our country, there is a lot of unrest about issues that are shaking a foundational sense of safety and security.  Sometimes these “shakings” are cyclical, based on what is going on during particular seasons, such as presidential elections or international events.  Sometimes they surround real and imminent threats such as violent attacks on schools or other public places and spark or re-spark debates on issues such as gun control.  We can be very passionate about these and a multitude of other issues both small and large, and controversies surrounding them can become very heated, and even immature and unhealthy.  But rarely does the focus seriously threaten to break up the union of the U.S.A.  There is just too much at stake to breaking up this “relationship”.

Similarly, the consequences of breaking up a marriage and family are too great to not take advantage of resources, such as Family Counseling, to return the relationship to its healthy, loving foundation.  Based on this truth, there is a point to keep in mind as you seriously consider Couples Counseling or Family Counseling.  We encourage you as a couple to become proactive in your own lives, to make a commitment to the strengthening and restoration of your union and to the promises to one another in the relationship you hold so dear.  We hope to be able to work with you, serving you in this capacity.