Does your relationship have much in common with Pepe Le Pew, the amor-focused cartoon character who made his debut in 1945?

It is not just the issues that seem impossible to resolve that cause so much distress in a relationship.   Even more commonly it is the day to day inability to communicate effectively that creates debilitating tension between husband and wife.   Eventually this leads to a sense of hopelessness.  Marriage Counseling is not only a viable option to renew hope in a marriage but sometimes necessary to save a marriage.

A good indication of the need for Couple Counseling is when husband and wife acknowledge to one another that they are having the same conversations about the same issues over and over for a long period of time without anything changing.  Weariness sets in, patience is thin, and behaviors destructive to the foundation of their relationship may have begun.  Some of these include finger pointing and/or shaming, stonewalling (unwillingness to communicate or cooperate), expressing contempt for your partner, and at times tragically even engaging in other intimate relationships.  Often a marriage has been struggling for years.  Within the setting of Marriage Counseling couples can indeed work together to implement effective strategies to turn things around.

The sooner you seek Marriage Counseling the better.  It takes courage and humility to acknowledge need for help!  In Couple Counseling each partner learns to take responsibility for their own part in getting to this point.  Patterns of dysfunctional communication can be discovered.  Some of these destructive patterns of communication within the marriage were learned in the early years of our primary family, even when we were very young.

Rather than working against each other by finger pointing and accusing, healing begins with the turning toward each other and desiring the best for each other.   Remember in your mind the vision of your wedding day.  Do you recall the hopes and dreams you had when you when you turned toward one another, looked into each other’s eyes, and promised to love one another in good times and in bad?  With commitment and hard work in Couple Counseling those hopes and dreams can be reborn.  Healing begins with commitment, empathy, and forgiveness.

As a Nation we have recently been reminded of the potential of God’s gift of marriage as exemplified by the relationship of former President Reagan and his wife Nancy.  In the Memorial Service of Nancy Reagan viewed by millions around the world on television, March 11th 2016, inspiring eulogies revealed the depth of the love she and her husband, the late President Ronald Reagan, shared with each other.  These stories demonstrated a love and commitment toward each other that anyone would long for.

In your own marriage you can choose, with help through Marriage Counseling, to learn to rekindle your love.  Marriage Counseling can be a gift you give to one another of a new beginning.