I recently came across this funny little quote in a store on a refrigerator magnet: “Our marriage was made in heaven, but so was thunder and lightning”.  As a marriage and couples’ therapist, it brought an instant chuckle, as it clearly characterizes the ups and downs I see couples struggle through so often in Marriage Counseling.  However, I know that in the midst of their difficult struggles, many couples might not be able to find any humor at this simple quip, and sometimes they stop laughing altogether.  This is certainly not a good sign, especially in light of WebMD’s video presentation of the benefits of laughter, and Laughter Therapy:


Sharing this video with you is to remind you how good it feels to laugh freely and loudly, and to motivate you to reach out for help.

It’s finally springtime!  The New England winter is finally past us, and thoughts have turned toward 8:00pm sunsets, warm vacation days at the beach, cookouts, and the multitude of activities and gatherings not so available in our frigid winter months.

But for you maybe the thunder and lightning continues to overshadow all these reasons to spring out bed in the morning, and the temptation is greater to lean into emotional exhaustion and confusion, and maybe even depression?

So, how much would you pay to laugh again?  What will it cost to you to smile and be joyful?  Well, you can’t of course buy laughter or joy.  It has to be restored within you, and between you and your partner.  But you can do something to come in out of the storm, to begin to hope again for brighter days.  Just a simple thought – consider Couple’s Counseling.

One proverb says, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  Couples often describe what they are feeling during marriage struggles as crushing their spirit.  The pain of the past and the feelings of hopelessness of the future can keep you frozen, crushed, unable to enjoy THIS very moment.

So here’s a challenge:  Think of something in your relationship that once brought you joy — smile, and then give us a call.  Give Marriage Counseling a chance.  Don’t let this season pass you by.  Choose hope.  Choose laughter through the good times and the storms.